Thursday, September 17, 2009

SNC - Album on Demand

SUYA-AN - One of the Famouse song of the SNC (SIBULAN NOTORIOUS CRIP) of Sibulan. The mp3 copy are now available in some who are interested in the rap music.. The rap was cool very nice rap. I dont think the rival group would do there own song for the respond of the said group the SNC.

SUYA-AN is dedicated to the late member of the group codename SOLDIA SPIKE. Who have been shot and dead in Ajong Gangwar..

Now, SUYA-AN made the song more and migrating. The second song was in title RESBAK. RESBAK is address for the rival named Bernard. Please listen to the song Later..

In the picture are not the one who song but the one who love the song. I made the design for the song to become huge.. I only got this information according to the song revile thank you good bless this HOUSE.

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