Friday, September 4, 2009

New Found Glory Coming Home Album + Qoutes

+It's hard to get rejected
By the one you most expected to be by your side
Your first thought being you should run and hide
I don't think you're to blame
I'll get you on your toes
I'll dream of you while I'm asleep at night
So nobody will know
So don't leave me :)

+I don't want to breathe without you
You're my oxygen :)


+You'll never know,
I'm after you :P

+hold my hand+

+There was staring and seclusion,
A fine tuned way of motion,
A face wrapped for a suitor,
The sound of hearts pumping at the same beat,
Coming 'round the corner,
In almost all directions,
A sense of heat that I couldn't bare to touch,
No, I couldn't bare it.

It's not your fault so please stop your crying now...:(

+It's Not Your Fault+

+But the time we spent was so short
Can't believe it's time to go again
You're always on my mind, all the time
On my mind, believe it

+Can we pick it up where you left off
When you said you'll never get over me
I'll take for granted every roll off your tongue
Cause you're screaming out all your honesty... :D

+On My Mind+

+I've been locked inside this freight train
Unaware of the normal life I had
Frustration building a foundation
I wrote this song to let you know that I'll be back

I hope you feel the same... :(

+ can't stop thinking
About what you do when you're alone
Let's cut right to the chase girl
Take back the time, time that we've lost :(

+ Coming Home +

This is the future, can we save it?
We've done things no one thought we could do
This is the picture, can you paint it?
We could have let this slip

And nothing beats not knowing what's
Gonna happen next
For all the nights you've held me so long
I'm taken back by you..

+Taken Back By You+

+It's true, we both make sacrifices
There's proof, it came as no surprise
It boiled up, as we always let it do
We made it through again

+ Too Good To Be+

+I hope I don't sound, like the X's on your calendar
I stumble on new ground, to gather up the formula :(

+fate, faith
you and me
love and pain
even I know, there's a line between emotion and
fate :(

+How selfish of me, to think I'm the only one
to question mistakes, a fools game I'm losing now
just taking my time, planning out my escape
I'm scared what I'll find but it's the choice I have
to make :)

+We can't control what we are
It's not our place, it's out of our hands ..._0)

+Love and Pain +

+What better time than now to bandage your bleeding
and I won't stop till I fix your misleading
your charm of course you use as a weapon
but my heart can't take it ;O)

+Familiar Landscapes+

+when I die I'll be fine
cause I know you're always there
when I die I'm alright
cause I know you'll be there
you are home :)

+I wanna follow in your footsteps
so you know you're never alone :)

+When I Die+

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