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Friday, October 2, 2009



How can you think that any of this was easy
With all the friends I've lost along the way?
When this is over, we're all getting older now
And we all play a part in it
Innocence is falling, can you hear them calling now?
But I'll be by your side until the end


If luck is on my side tonight
My clumsy tongue will make it right
And wrists that touch
It isn't much, but it's enough
To form imaginary lines
Forget your scars, we'll forget mine
The hours change so fast
Oh God, please make this last


In that dress, it makes me crazy
I'm not the only one
It's cold outside
Keep your heart open wide
Save it for somebody who cares

You don't have to walk alone tonight
I don't have to be a gentleman
You don't have to say a single word
Or make believe that we could be just friends


This place is not quite what it seems
Or anything that I was told it'd be
New York, you know you make my heart skip
In my dreams I make it into Vegas

Seattle hits me every time
I can't get Chicago off my mind
New Jersey taught me how to let go
And I've learned that's all that I need to know

In this moment we're connected
If we fall, we fall together

Fall in love with everyone I know
Sometimes it isn't where you're going
It's who you're with


Save your heart
For someone that's worth dying for
Don't give it away
Torn apart
Never getting what you've been crying for
It's always the same

If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?

I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that's in your eyes
I'll write a song about it
And maybe if the melody's just right
I hope tonight it will find you
It will remind you

My world's hanging by three words that I can't bear to say

I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that's in your eyes

Bruised And Scarred

It all goes back to the first kiss
It was the one I thought I'd never miss

breaking down is what I found hard

She gave me every reason to believe I'd found the one
But my doubts somehow they sold me out

Someone please sing this lovesick melody

Call my name if you're afraid
I'm just a kiss away


Give me any reason to believe
'Cause I swear I'm done here
'Cause I've seen a bigger picture
And I'm looking for some answers

My lungs won't fail me now
'Cause I'm still breathing

It's hard to be a man
But I'm doing all I can
I'm ready to give this all I have
I'm ready to be amazed
'Cause I'm standing here alone
Trying to make this life my own

Promise me some dignity
If I were to stand and die here
'Cause my heart is somewhere else
It's a pain I've never felt


my girl was the envy of every friend of mine

Her smile with the wind blowing through her hair
Was so contagious in the air
So satisfying and I'm still smiling

Our hearts beat inside our chest
Leaving us gasping for every breath

We're falling down, can we pick up the pieces now?


Thursday, September 17, 2009



I got to let it go
Oh this is haunting me so
Oh What you got to share
Don't waste my life let it go why did i have to know....

+ watch you go +

And now I'm standing here falling apart
You let go of what you helped to start
And now I tell myself not to let it show
But oh it's hard to watch you go..

Everybody knew that it had to end
When the fire died out and you couldn't pretend
And now I tell myself not to let it show
But oh it's hard to watch you go..

+ lay with me +

I see it in your eyes you've got one thing in mind
So lets not waste our time if it's your place or mine,
Just Stay stay with me..

Your look is telling me that it's meant to be
And I know that you can feel it when you press up to me
Casue it shows, I see it in your eyes, you've got one thing in mind
So lets not waste out time
If it's your place or mine....

+ i need this +

If it is just for show
Don't ever tell me so
I beg you
If it's all a show
Then don't you ever tell me so
Say what I want to hear
Then cover my burning ears
From the truth

So give me something to believe
The slightest word is all I need
Do all you can to keep me blind
And I'll pretend that I'm alright
I'm in the dark
So let me stay
Just tell me to turn away
Let me believe in you
You know that I want to
Hold on
I see it in your eyes
But I'd rather live a lie
Than say goodbye...

+ jesse +

Now your whole world is changing
Duty calls and its heavy
And i know Your not ready
But here it is oh oh oh
I can see that it takes its toll...

My friend take the world off your shoulders
Soon the wait will be over
Hear the sound of her breathing
Here she is, Oh oh oh

Jesse come on back when your ready
We'll be waiting
anybody here would anything you need
Your not alone in this it seems...

I can see that it takes its toll
Don't you let it destroy your soul...

+ drift away +

So give up the good fight
No love just a good time
The day brings a smile
Let’s go out in style...

Now we’re alone and no one needs to know,
We’re alone, we’re alone and no one needs to know ...

+ this is it +

Let's take it all away
Replace it with everything that we have made
Let's start over again
I'm putting pen to page
And right now I'm all clichés
But words will fade try to keep me awake...

You give me more than you could know
You set me free don't let me go...

+ drown +

Your own heart just burning their bridge
You've ripped it down just like it didn't ever exist
If I fall in the deep end
Would you fish me out or let me drown?....

Your eyes like
Like your words cheat
I've seen you
Steal with a smile
Cut your ties
In a heartbeat
Left behind
A trail of denial....

+ say your goodbyes +

There's a look in your eye a moon that lyes beneath
Buried disguise bring on loyalty
She will believe every word that you say
Cause she loves you so...

If she could read your mind
Would you straight her correct in the night
If she could see your life
Could she bring herself to say goodbye...

In the back of your mind
Does it feel wrong that she'll stand by your side
While you lead her on
How do you sleep at night
How could you cheat when she loves you so...

+serpent queen pt.2 +

And if I hear calling
I fear that I am falling
Now they all try to warn me
Oh no she's ready to go...

I feel this sickness grow inside me
Black out the sky so she won't find me
I feel this sickness grow inside me
She can blind me take my life....

STOCK Racing

STOCK Racing - Is a group of mc user who want there stock to be modified as a stock. Our doctor of our mc is "BOBOY" he is the best i ever notice since my first time to consult with him..

He got a talent on how he can fasten your mc as stock, more power than a ussual stock mc. We can find him at Air Port area, Crossing Agan-an not to Agan-an but the opposite little crossing beside the dealer of water store. Straight inside and ask for Boboy..

God Bless this HOUSE ;D

SNC - Album on Demand

SUYA-AN - One of the Famouse song of the SNC (SIBULAN NOTORIOUS CRIP) of Sibulan. The mp3 copy are now available in some who are interested in the rap music.. The rap was cool very nice rap. I dont think the rival group would do there own song for the respond of the said group the SNC.

SUYA-AN is dedicated to the late member of the group codename SOLDIA SPIKE. Who have been shot and dead in Ajong Gangwar..

Now, SUYA-AN made the song more and migrating. The second song was in title RESBAK. RESBAK is address for the rival named Bernard. Please listen to the song Later..

In the picture are not the one who song but the one who love the song. I made the design for the song to become huge.. I only got this information according to the song revile thank you good bless this HOUSE.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SANDWICH - Bakit ang babae

Sandwich - BAKIT ANG BABAE lyrics

Parang batang di mo mabitawan kahit na sandali
Kailangan may nag-aalalay sa kanya
Sa mga araw na ninanais lamang ay mag-isa
Nag-aalala siya kung nagsasawa ka na
Bakit ang babae sa tagal ng pagsasama
Tila mas mahirap maintindihan
Parang isang problema na
Sa una kayang-kaya ngunit
Humihirap na sa tagalan
Isang araw ikaw ang tinatanging ligaya sa buhay
Sandali lilipas ‘di ka na kilala
‘Di raw namimilit na makita ka sa araw-araw
Nagtatampo naman kapag ‘di ka dumating
Bakit ang babae sa tagal ng pagsasama
Tila mas mahirap maintindihan
Parang isang problema na
Sa una kayang-kaya ngunit
Humihirap na sa tagalan
Bakit ang babae sa tagal ng pagsasama
Tila mas mahirap maintindihan
Parang isang problema na
Sa una kayang-kaya ngunit
Humihirap na sa tagalan
Turururutututu… Turururutututu…

Burbler | Sandwich - BAKIT ANG BABAE lyrics

Song Lyrics | Sandwich - BAKIT ANG BABAE lyrics