Friday, October 2, 2009



How can you think that any of this was easy
With all the friends I've lost along the way?
When this is over, we're all getting older now
And we all play a part in it
Innocence is falling, can you hear them calling now?
But I'll be by your side until the end


If luck is on my side tonight
My clumsy tongue will make it right
And wrists that touch
It isn't much, but it's enough
To form imaginary lines
Forget your scars, we'll forget mine
The hours change so fast
Oh God, please make this last


In that dress, it makes me crazy
I'm not the only one
It's cold outside
Keep your heart open wide
Save it for somebody who cares

You don't have to walk alone tonight
I don't have to be a gentleman
You don't have to say a single word
Or make believe that we could be just friends


This place is not quite what it seems
Or anything that I was told it'd be
New York, you know you make my heart skip
In my dreams I make it into Vegas

Seattle hits me every time
I can't get Chicago off my mind
New Jersey taught me how to let go
And I've learned that's all that I need to know

In this moment we're connected
If we fall, we fall together

Fall in love with everyone I know
Sometimes it isn't where you're going
It's who you're with


Save your heart
For someone that's worth dying for
Don't give it away
Torn apart
Never getting what you've been crying for
It's always the same

If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?

I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that's in your eyes
I'll write a song about it
And maybe if the melody's just right
I hope tonight it will find you
It will remind you

My world's hanging by three words that I can't bear to say

I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that's in your eyes

Bruised And Scarred

It all goes back to the first kiss
It was the one I thought I'd never miss

breaking down is what I found hard

She gave me every reason to believe I'd found the one
But my doubts somehow they sold me out

Someone please sing this lovesick melody

Call my name if you're afraid
I'm just a kiss away


Give me any reason to believe
'Cause I swear I'm done here
'Cause I've seen a bigger picture
And I'm looking for some answers

My lungs won't fail me now
'Cause I'm still breathing

It's hard to be a man
But I'm doing all I can
I'm ready to give this all I have
I'm ready to be amazed
'Cause I'm standing here alone
Trying to make this life my own

Promise me some dignity
If I were to stand and die here
'Cause my heart is somewhere else
It's a pain I've never felt


my girl was the envy of every friend of mine

Her smile with the wind blowing through her hair
Was so contagious in the air
So satisfying and I'm still smiling

Our hearts beat inside our chest
Leaving us gasping for every breath

We're falling down, can we pick up the pieces now?

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