Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Memorble Qoutes on the Movie FIRED UP!!.

Shawn Colfax: You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

Nick Brady: I think our bus crashed and we're in heaven.
Shawn Colfax: No, we would've heard "We are crashing, we we are crashing"

Shawn Colfax: You gotta risk it for the biscuit!

Nick Brady: I could be watching a Project Runway marathon with Nathan Lane under my dress and STILL win a straight award!

Nick Brady: Bottomless breadsticks only keep you at the Olive Garden for so long, until at some point you look up and say 'Why the hell am I at the Olive Garden with all these fat people?'

Shawn Colfax: I know you want to be here, because you finish last every single year, but you still keep coming back! Even if it means taking endless shit from total dong-knockers like the Panthers!
Sylvia: I wanna cut the blonde one!
Nick Brady: What?
Sylvia: What?
Nick Brady: What?
Sylvia: ...I'm just saying.

[from the trailer]
Shawn Colfax: Screw football, let's go cheer!

Carly: [introducing her boyfriend] He's Pre-med at Illinois.
Shawn Colfax: Then why do you call yourself doctor?
Dr. Rick: Why put off the inevitable?

[from the trailer]
Nick Brady: What are you doing later?
Diora: Not you.

Nick Brady: Hi Carly.
Carly: [sarcastically] I know, it's the most beautiful name you've ever heard, my eyes look like forever, and you love every bone in my body, especially yours!
Nick Brady: No, but that's a good one, do you mind if I use it?

Nick Brady: Hiya Dick.
Dr. Rick: It's Rick!
Nick Brady: Ah, sorry, I don't know why I keep doing that. You just look like such a Dick to me.

Nick Brady: [reading her nametag] Diora? I believe that's Italian for 'beautiful princess'.
Diora: No.
Nick Brady: Well it should be, I'm calling the dictionary people.

Nick Brady: [about cheer camp] Tell you what, man, that'd be the place to be.
Shawn Colfax: Instead of sweating our balls off in the desert with Coach Shit-Shit.
Nick Brady: ...So let's go?
Shawn Colfax: What?
Nick Brady: Let's go to cheer camp, lets be cheerleaders!
Shawn Colfax: Cheerleaders? Oh my god, are you coming out to me? I am so proud of you, man! And you know what, on some level I kinda always knew.
Nick Brady: Would you shut up? I'm too strait to be gay. I could suck knob and still be strait. I could have one in my mouth and two in each hand and still win a strait award.
Shawn Colfax: [grossed out] Alright...

Jennifer: Hey, Nick!
Nick Brady: [aside to Shawn] Name, name, I need a name.
Shawn Colfax: Jennifer.
Nick Brady: Jennifer! Hi, how are ya?
Jennifer: I'm great, really great. Are you going to the bonfire tonight?
Nick Brady: You know it! I was just saying to my boy Shawn here, I can not wait to go to the bonfire tonight so I can hang out with...
Shawn Colfax: [whispers] Jennifer.
Nick Brady: [sings] Jennifer.
Jennifer: I'll see you tonight.
Nick Brady: Okay Jennifer.
Shawn Colfax: It's not that hard a name to remember.
Nick Brady: C'mon, I went out with her last semester. After thirty days the name gets erased from my brain to make room for new ones. There's like three thousand kids at this school!
Shawn Colfax: So why can't you just remember more names?
Nick Brady: I don't know how it works, bro, talk to tech-support.

Nick Brady: [Nick and Shawn cooking and watching TV in the kitchen] Oh look at that hottie, I wonder what she wants to do with her life.
Shawn Colfax: What?
Nick Brady: You know how Bianca wants to go to cooking school and Silvi wants to be a pilot... and... Oh my god, I actually know these girls, as like friends, and I care? I'm becoming a fully formed person with like sensitivity and empathy! HAHA! alright i'm a person!
[looks at the woman in a bathing suit on TV]
Nick Brady: oww look at the pooper on that one! I could rest my beer on that shit.
Shawn Colfax: And you're back. What kind of dressing goes on Greek salad?
Nick Brady: Olive oil, top shelf.

Nick Brady: Dude, why didn't you tell me you're gay? I would've been totally okay with that. Paint with all the colors of the wind and whatnot.
Downey: Wait, you're strait?
Nick Brady: [laughs uncomfortably then stops abruptly] Yes.
Downey: But what about your diary? And then you asked for my beads and you stuck them in your mouth...
Nick Brady: I thought it was a bracelet!
Downey: Why would you stick a bracelet in your mouth?
Nick Brady: I don't know!
Downey: The closet door is made of all different kinds of wood, my brother.
[leans in closer]
Downey: All kinds...
[Downey slaps Nick's ass and leaves]
Nick Brady: Ahh... god that is SO awkward.

Nick Brady: [trying to talk his way out of football camp] So not only yesterday do I find out I'm adopted. The people I've been calling "Mom" and "Dad" are actually two infertile impostors who bought me outside of a meth clinic in Cincinatti for two boxes of Sudafed, but I also get this news dropped on me - my birth father, Bruce... well he needs a kidney and I'm the only match and apparently Bruce needs it "stat". Mmm-hmm. You need it stat, Bruce? Huh? Well maybe I needed a father stat instead of my stay-at-home dad who showers me with love everyday of his life, this goddamn spermless liar!
Nick Brady: So now I have to be at Kaiser Permanente at 6 a.m. tomorrow. I know, Bruce couldn't even afford a real hospital... managed care. Ironic, isn't it? He never *managed* to care for me.

Dr. Rick: [after Downey punches Dr. Rick in the face] I hope one of you ends up in my ER one day, bleeding. I'll make you wait for days. Unless one of you has Blue Cross. That's a PPO, none of that HMO bullshit!

Nick Brady: Let's bet how many times he says 'shit.' I say seven.
Shawn Colfax: No way. Ten.
Nick Brady, Shawn Colfax: Hey coach!
Coach Byrnes: You shitheads think you're the shit? That you don't need to pay attention out there? I'll kick the shit outta ya! You pumped for football camp?
Shawn Colfax: Eh, I guess so.
Nick Brady: Yeah, two weeks without girls. Who wouldn't be pumped?
Coach Byrnes: Don't mess with me shitdick! I'm gonna push ya like you've never been pushed before. Your muscles will ache, your head will throb. You're gonna shit blood out of holes you never knew you had.
Nick Brady: Well at least we're gonna be in Daytona Beach.
Coach Byrnes: No no. They changed it up this year. Camp's gonna be in El Paso, Texas. Hotter than your shithole. We're gonna get you shits conditioned! Bus leaves Monday at o' shithundred hours.
Nick Brady: Which is...?
Coach Byrnes: 4:45 am.
Nick Brady: Of course.
Shawn Colfax: Unusual.
Nick Brady: Mmhm.
Coach Byrnes: Skip your morning shit and get down there.
Nick Brady: Ten 'shits'. You win. How do you always KNOW?
Shawn Colfax: It's a gift. I'm not proud of it.

Shawn Colfax: Hiya sis!
Poppy: Why am I looking at you? Speak!
Nick Brady: [patronizing] Poppy, you're getting so big now! How old are you?
Poppy: I'm 60. Can we get past the small talk? The only time you and my brother come to see me is when you need something. What? Tug mags? Mike's Hard Lemonade?
[looking at Nick]
Poppy: Another ride to the clinic?
Nick Brady: [appalled whisper] Poppy!

Poppy: Tell ya what. I'll teach you some basic cheerleader moves. Hi v's. Low v's. Touchdown. Baskets.
Nick Brady: Whoa whoa whoa. Don't the guys just throw the girls up and catch 'em?
Poppy: Pretty much, eh. But I'll let you practice on me and tell you what they're called. In exchange... I get Shawn's room.
Shawn Colfax: [simultaneously] No.
Nick Brady: Done!
Poppy: Those are my terms. Take them or get out.
Shawn Colfax: [simultaneously] We'll get out!
Nick Brady: We'll take 'em!
Shawn Colfax: Dude! I've got my own bathroom.
Nick Brady: Dude, after cheer camp you won't even need your own bathroom.
Shawn Colfax: What? What does that even mean?

Nick Brady: Poppy, you got yourselves a deal. Teach us, we go see Carly.
Poppy: Whoa! Wrong gossip girl.

Nick Brady: We're gonna go catch an old Bears game.
Nick Brady, Shawn Colfax: Gooooo Bears!

Ms. Klingerhoff: Don't judge a book by its cover, Carly. You never really know what a book is about 'til you get to... page 50!
Nick Brady: 50? I wouldn't have guessed a page over 40.
Shawn Colfax: More like 35.

Shawn Colfax: So what exactly are we going to say to Coach Shit-for-Words to get out of football camp?
Nick Brady: What every kid says to get out of everything he doesn't want to do.
[speaking to Coach Byrne]
Nick Brady: So not only do I find out yesterday I'm adopted, the people I've been calling 'mom' and 'dad' are actually infertile impostors who bought me outside of a meth clinic in Cincinatti for two boxes of Sudafed, but I also get this news dropped on me: my birth father, Bruce, he needs a kidney and I'm the only match! And apparently Bruce needs it stat. Mhm, you need it stat, Bruce? HUH? Well maybe I needed a father stat, instead of this stay-at-home-dad who showers me with love every day of my life this goddamn spermless liar! So now I gotta be at Kaiser Permanente tomorrow at 6:00 am. I know. Bruce couldn't even afford a real hospital. Managed care. It's ironic, huh? He never managed to care for me.
Coach Byrnes: Are you shittin' me? Are you saying you can't go to football coach?
Nick Brady: Yeah, but don't make me say it, coach. It's eating me up inside.
Nick Brady: It's eating me up.

Carly: We are driving! We we are driving!
Cheerleaders: We are driving! We we are driving!
Carly: We like driving! We we like driving!
Cheerleaders: We like driving! We we like driving!
Carly: We are eating! We we are eating!
Cheerleaders: We are eating! We we are eating!
Cheerleaders: We are driving again! We are driving!

Shawn Colfax: 'Panthers out'? What are they, a knife gang?

Brewster: I'm Brewster.
Brewster: Not my real name. My parents named me Jack. "Jack" - so strong, so masculine. We get it! You wanted a boy!
[throws up fists]
Brewster: Ma name's Jack! I punch bad guys and I kiss girls.
[reverts back to normal tone]
Brewster: Save it.
Shawn Colfax: OK.

Brewster: I tell ya what. Your jobs aren't just going over there, sailor. Some of us are coming over here. The world is flat like a son of a bitch.
Shawn Colfax: You're giving us a lot to process here.

Nick Brady: [to guy in Eagle mascot costume] 'Sup Eagle?
Brewster: Oh, mascots don't talk. They just gesture.
Nick Brady: Even... in their bunks?
Brewster: The whole time, babygirl... It's total immersion!

Coach Keith: How do you spell 'fired up'?
Cheerleaders: F! U!
Shawn Colfax: Not really...
Nick Brady: Uh-uh.

Coach Keith: I was born cheering! My mother swears the first thing out of her what's-it was a little pair of baby hands doing spirit fingers!
Coach Keith: That's a joke! But it really happened.

Coach Keith: [speaking of how the dangerous Fountain of Troy move is 'prohibidado'] You can't even say 'Fountain of Troy' at this cheer camp! Go ahead and say it!
Cheerleaders: Fountain of...
Coach Keith: No, stop it - what are you doing? This isn't a game! I'm not playin' around up here!
Diora: Honey...
Coach Keith: ...Just a joke. First week of cheer camp, lighten things up. Have a good time. Everhbody say it now. 'Fountain of Troy.'
Cheerleaders: Fountain of...
Coach Keith: Oh dear Lord! Oh gosh, shut up, shut up!
[dances around angrily]
Coach Keith: Stop it! Stop it! Nobody does Fountain of Troy at this cheer camp!

Nick Brady: Do not poop where you eat, remember? That's why there are no restaurants called "The Bathroom."

Nick Brady: Remember when I pretended to be really into Nickelback for that senior chick?
Shawn Colfax: God they suck.
Nick Brady: So did she.
[holds up hand for high five]
Nick Brady: Up top!
Shawn Colfax: Dude. I am not gonna high five you for a BJer you got a year ago.
Nick Brady: [high fives self]
Shawn Colfax: Doesn't count.
Nick Brady: [grabs Shawn's hand and high fives his own hand]
Shawn Colfax: NO!

Carly: I know at the beginning I might've been a little against you two joining the squad.
Shawn Colfax: I believe you called us 'godless douche-monsters.'
Carly: Actually, it was 'soulless beav-wranglers.'

Nick Brady: [checking out Dr. Rick's ride] What is with that car?
Shawn Colfax: Maybe he just won an LPGA tournament.

Nick Brady: How'd you two crazy kids meet, Rick?
Dr. Rick: It's a funny story actually. Our parents knew each other from way back... and they introduced us.
Shawn Colfax: Whoo. Not that funny a story. Not even a story really, just like a fact.

Dr. Rick: Animal House reference! LOVE IT!

Nick Brady: Mopey, I'm talking to you. You've been sitting out here staring into space for like two hours.
Shawn Colfax: [checks watch] It's been five minutes.
Nick Brady: Really? That was five minutes? Wow, I guess I really do suck in bed.

Shawn Colfax: I think you're being a little dramatic.
Nick Brady: Well, I have never...!

Nick Brady: What makes this girl so great, bro?
Shawn Colfax: I don't know, there's just something about her. You know, when she bumped into me on the bus. Or, uh, when I saw her reading that book. She orders pudding for dessert.
Nick Brady: OK, now you're just listing things that people do.
Shawn Colfax: No I'm not!... Sometimes she writes with a pencil.

Nick Brady: Look at that, huh? We're all here thinking inside the box, and you're outside of it, playing a little game of 'What If.' Gorgeous AND brilliant. The triple threat.

Brewster: I have not been skinny dipping since Indian scouts!
[takes his underwear off and starts swinging his hips around]
Brewster: Nobody look! Windmill!
Nick Brady: We're leaving our underwear on bro! We talked about this, remember?
Brewster: You talked. I listened.
[swinging his hips in different ways while the rest of the group looks away]
Brewster: Paint the fence. Cutting the cake. Hangman's noose. Hangman's noose!

Dr. Rick: We're learning about the effects of lavender therapy on type-2 carcinoma patients.
Shawn Colfax: How's that working out? Anyone go into remission after smelling a flower?
Dr. Rick: ...Alright, you caught me man. I picked you some flowers, Carly.
Carly: That is so sweet. Where are they?
Dr. Rick: ...I made a special wish on them and threw them into the sky.

Dr. Rick: [Rick and his two friends are loudly singing-along in the car to "Tubthumpin'"] Awesome song! Chumbawumba. It's the soundtrack of my life man!

Dr. Rick: [holding up his hands] If these weren't tools for healing, I would crack you in the jaw.
Nick Brady: YOU'RE a tool for healing.

Nick Brady: Humans are the only species that CAN lie. Except for maybe chameleons. Ooh, and possums. They play dead.

Coach Keith: Well well well. If it isn't a pair of wolves in cheer clothing! What part of 'the next time I see your punnim they'll be on the moon' didn't you understand?
Nick Brady: Um, like... the whole thing?

Dr. Rick: Just came to say break a leg.
Carly: That's theater. This is cheering.
Dr. Rick: You better believe it.

Dr. Rick: I'll be watching you.
Shawn Colfax: Yeah. That's exactly what an audience member does at a performance-based event.
Carly: [to Rick] Just go sit down.
Dr. Rick: [makes 'my eyes are on you' gesture] Robert DeNiro, Meet the Parents reference. LOVE IT.
Nick Brady: [as Rick walks away] God he seems great.
Shawn Colfax: Really nice!
Nick Brady: Mm, I like him.

Nick Brady: We're doing a lot of talking during the routine. I'm new, but this seems like a lot of talking during the routine.

Coach Keith: [seeing the Tigers doing the Fountain of Troy] That's prohibidado. I told them in Spanish, how much clearer could I have been!

Shawn Colfax: [coming to] Did we win? Are we going to State?
Carly: No, we came in nineteenth.

Dr. Rick: I can take life as quickly as I can give it!

Dr. Rick: You're dumping me for him?
Carly: No, I'm dumping you, period. And then I'm gonna be with him. Period. If... that's okay with him, question mark.
Shawn Colfax: Totally. Exclamation point.
Dr. Rick: Oh puke. Parenthesis, bold, underline.
Dr. Rick: Carly Horse. Carly Junior's, baby. Larry, Mo, and Carly. Carly and the Chocolate Factor, sugar. Carlsbad, Carlyfornia.

Brewster: [after Rick is punched by Downey] That was for the Crocs. You're not an old lady gardening or a baby on the beach. OK? Now put on some shoes, you're embarrassing yourself.

Dr. Rick: I hope one of you ends up in my E.R. one day, bleeding. I'll make you wait for days. Ha! Unless one of you has Blue Cross. That's a PPO. None of that HMO BULLSHIT!

Carly: You know what John Lennon always said.
Shawn Colfax: No, I don't. I'm not in my fifties. I could ask my dad though.
Carly: Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

[repeated line]
Sylvia: [whenever she says or does something that draws attention to herself] ... I'm just saying.

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